“Hoeflation – modern men have to work 5x harder than their grandfathers did for women 20x worse than what their grandmothers were”

This refers to how hard a man today has to work to keep a modern entitled western feminist woman happy.

He is expected to earn so far above the average income to appease a mediocre woman who is the equivalent of a free ex-prostitute by the standards of history.

He’s expected to subsidize her life and also subsidize her side of the gendered division of labor, including home chores and child rearing, to forgive her past and present transgressions and accommodate her every whim.

You even have scumbag idiot feminist women in supposedly ‘conservative’ mainstream media outlets like the UK’s Telegraph newspaper writing articles like men should give their wives a pass at Christmas to cheat on them!! How very ‘Christian TradWife’ of them! Not.

You can’t make this shit up, as the late great Kevin Samuels would say.

Most people blame Hoeflation on social media and dating apps giving women too much attention and over inflating their egos.

This originated from a post on the 4chan message board which is infamous for not having its free speech oppressed by feminists and mainstream media.

Social Media

Women spend their lives posting thirst trap sexy pictures for attention regardless of the topic, receiving dopamine hits from lots of ‘Likes’ from male simps.

The Social Dilemma documentary exposed that social media is intentionally engineered to be addictive. A woman sees the ‘Like‘ counter going up for her revealing pictures but not the quality of the male simps ‘Liking’ her images.

Dating Apps

Dating apps also give women insane amounts of attention and likes from the severe gender swipe rate imbalance, allowing women’s hypergamy to go into overdrive and hook up with the top 1% of men that they historically wouldn’t have had access to.

For such men, this is a free all-you-can-eat buffet of churning through different women every week.

Getting pumped and dumped by men that are so much higher status than them then leaves women with an overinflated self-worth, because women incorrectly conflate their sexual market value for a one-night stand with their relationship and marriage value.

Men are willing to trade down very far for short-term mating with no resource commitment.

Even the most low-value girl can be a one-night stand for a millionaire or hot guy out of her league.

And even feminists organize themselves into harems for top percent males.

Each new high status man who fucks her sets a new high water mark for her that her brain does not want to downgrade from, even though they never gave her serious commitment (eg. marriage) and just used her as a disposable free prostitute.

It’s only during commitment that a man seeks a woman closer to his own level in terms of her looks, youth and chastity vs his looks and success.

If you’ve ever heard the term “Men Are Trash” it’s likely because the woman has been pumped & dumped or cheated on by a man that was out of her league in the first place.

See the Body Count article for some confessions from women on dating apps.

“The women of today are very low value”

Candace Owens, guest starring on the Whatever podcast

I Got Standards, Bro

If you want to prove Hoeflation to yourself, just go around asking women what they want in a man and plug it in to this website made famous by the Fresh & Fit podcast:


This uses stats from the US Census combined with a selection of criteria and then calculates what percentage of the population actually meets the woman’s criteria for the man she wants.

It’s called “The Female Delusion Calculator” because once you put in the commonly cited criteria by modern hoes, 6 feet tall, 6 figure income and the rest of the criteria, women invariably want men in the top 1% overall. It also gives a rating from 1 to 5 cat food bags which is quite entertaining. Many an aspiring cat lady has been roasting on podcasts using this site.

Show the woman her results, she might be surprised how much rarer the man she wants is than she is.

Lying Women Add to Other Women’s Hoeflation

Have you ever seen a panel of girls on the Whatever podcast all claiming they’re a 10/10?

A common trope in real life between girls:

Girl A: I’m a 5/10

Girl B: Oh, no, queen, you’re a 10/10!

Girl C: Every girl should consider herself a 10/10!

This is probably why girls don’t do as practical jobs as men. See The Gender Pay Gap Scam for more on that.

Now compare that with guys:

Guy A: dude, you’re a 4/10 at best

Guy B: yup, wanna go for a beer?

Guy A: lemme grab my coat…

Single Mothers

When she’s single, she’ll think she’s a 10/10 due to Hoeflation.

Then when she’s a single mother, she’ll grant that she’s only really a 6/10.

But she’ll wilfully ignore that being a single mother cuts her relationship value in half.

So she’s really a 3/10 claiming to still be 6/10, like when she was still single. And don’t even get us started on Microchimerism – she is permanently contaminated with other men’s DNA.

She’s still overrating herself due to Hoeflation.

Because single mothers still get attention and used for sex. They get ‘pumped & dumped’, and end up repeatedly back on the dating apps.

They figure one of these idiots will commit to her, eventually.

“She’s Not Your Girl, It’s Just Your Turn”

She's Not Your Girl, It's Just Your Turn
The last donut you get as a nice guy
The last donut you get as a nice guy

When a Millenial or Gen Z girl who isn’t a virgin tells you she’s “Not a Hoe”

Bender: “oh wait, you’re serious… let me laugh even harder”

Don’t Buy the Leftovers

The Golden Rule is No Marriage – No Exceptions due to feminist divorce laws.

However, under feminism today women often ride the “Cock Carousel” in their prime teens and twenties and then look to settle down in their 30s when they’re past their primes – both in looks and fertility.

This means that you should be cautious in giving any form of commitment and certainly no lifestyle or relationship subsidies to these con women. Women are used car salemen.

“Never Pay Full Price for Something Other Men Got for Free”

By the time you get the old woman on the right she has such an inflated ego and list of expectations due to her Hoeflationary past that she simply isn’t worth your time.

Don’t buy the leftovers. Have some self-respect.

Even the Old / Ugly / Fat Women on Dating Apps are Affected by Hoeflation

Whoever created this meme has obviously been on dating apps and tried the “swipe right on everyone” method to see what would happen.

In case you didn’t know, don’t swipe right on everyone, the algorithm will punish you by placing you as a lower rank in the stack and show you to uglier / older women that fewer other men swiped right on.

Hoeflation Explained in 30 Seconds

It’s great clips like this Hoeflation one that have made Whatever.com a viral phenomenon

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