Traditional Women

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Traditional Women

Traditional women are functionally extinct today in the West.

Most men I’ve talked to want traditional women, but when they survey the dating market, they see none.

Statistically, there must be a few left, but like endangered species when numbers dwindle near zero they become functionally extinct by the definition that they no longer play an effective role in their ecosystem.

Those that still exist were likely off the market from their teenage years and never left their relationship.

Most western women are uninterested in being traditional outside of men paying for everything.

What are Traditional Women

  • Loyal – only ever had sex with her man
  • Relationship oriented – good woman who obeys her man & doesn’t provoke him, gives him peace & support
  • Family oriented – good mother who prioritizes her man & children
  • Pro-Life – not pro-killing babies in general, anti-abortion except in extreme rare cases such as medical grounds, rape or genetic defects
  • Usually off the market young, often married by early 20s and never leaves
  • Has 4-10 babies over her lifetime
  • Domestic skills to look after her family, especially cooking and keeping the home clean and tidy
  • Everything else is still possible as a bonus as long as it doesn’t derail the above basics eg. having a job, being an author, having some great skill, talent, sports, or being an active member of the community are all positive extras

Women You Actually See

The women you see on the dating market today are invariably the leftovers, usually one of:

  • Cheaters – she got caught and dumped
    • even literal princesses in the UK and Middle East cheat on their husbands for years without repercussions 1 2 3 4 5
  • Promiscuous – she dumped her man to exercise her options and fuck around
  • Pre-Cheaters:
    • she avoided getting into committed relationships so she could have a “Hoe Phase” of promiscuity during her best youthful fertile years – she pre-cheated on her future husband
    • you can’t go from being a cum dumpster for other men to being traditional – that’s not how it works
    • “You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife” – prior promiscuity / pre-cheating is correlated to later infidelity, relationship failure and divorce
  • Non-Traditional Personality Problems – that caused her man to leave her – eg. argumentative, financially exploitative, violent, low libido etc.
  • Baby Murderers – 1/4 of women in the US have killed their babies via abortion
  • Single Mothers:
    • who usually became single mothers by either mistreating men, cheating, or having kids with bad boys and then expecting to find a nice guy beta male simp to pick up the leftovers
  • Few children:
    • after 10-20 years of riding the cock carousel they often only have time and eggs left to have maybe 2 children. By 30 years old 90% of their eggs are dead and flushed and 50% of women who reach 30 without children will die childless, leading to 1.x birth rates in USA & Europe
  • STDs – 1/4 women has had a Sexually Transmitted Disease
  • Microchimerism – 90% of women have been on birth control to fuck around and get creampied by a bunch of different guys, permanently absorbing their DNA

And this doesn’t even cover the other deficiencies of not being a good cook, not being good with children, taking care of the home or her man. Things are so bad that men today would gladly compromise on even these basics and be grateful, if they could just avoid the awful types of women listed in the bullet points above, which account for most of the recent generations of feminist women.

See The Red Flags in Women list.

Leftover Women

In China, by their late 20s women are called “Sheng nu” meaning “leftover women” in Mandarin.

In Cantonese they are called “the orange at the bottom of the basket” or “the sugarcane that didn’t get sold”.

Conversely they call a 30+ year man a “diamond bachelor” or “quality real estate”.


Chameleons are women who pretend to be traditional but are really not.

Even in the best-case scenario, they’re usually only pseudo-traditional up to a point.

This is easily exposed by asking them a couple quick questions such as the following:

  • “What’s your body count?
  • “What age did you lose your virginity?”
  • “What’s your shortest record time between first meeting and having sex with a guy?”
  • “How many children do you have?”

If she refuses to answer these questions or follow up to dig into their sexual history, then she is definitely not traditional. Most women in the West lost their virginity by the age of 17.

Social media influencer chameleons receive a lot of criticism as pretenders in comment sections, but I’m inclined to give them credit for at least preaching the right things, even if they don’t live up to them personally (she’s not a one-man ever woman), which is at least more than most obstinate western women seem willing to do.

I had this recurring argument with a girlfriend who would claim to be “traditional”. What she meant was that she wanted the traditional deal of staying home with the kids and having me pay for everything.

I’d instantly check her every time by telling her that if she was traditional she would have been married at 20 to her first man. That shut her up. Women hate the truth.

Worse yet are the “born again virgins” (feminist idiots don’t understand what an oxymoron is) who clocked their odometer, or those that find religion later on… after intentionally having their “Hoe Phase”… cheating both men and God.

bible chameleon women are not traditional women either
The liberated feminist vs Chameleon TradWife

How to Spot a Feminist

Read this article for more signs to spot Chameleons and other types of secret feminists:

The New Generation – A New Hope?

In theory, teenage girls who are still virgins have a massive opportunity to become traditional women who wait for and only have sex with their husband or life partner.

Such a girl could outcompete any of the current crop of feminist women.

However, most teenage girls are not smart enough to realize this “golden ticket advantage” and it doesn’t even occur to them to go against the feminist whore culture to gain this huge edge.

Older feminist women often perpetuate this feminist whore advice to young women, ruining their future chances of being high value and cherished by their future man.

This is in stark contrast to older divorced men who warn younger men not to get married, to try to help and improve their situation – a good deed for their younger kin. Women it seems are not as altruistic.

Without patriarchy, there is no guardrail for teenage girls and before they know it, by 17 most of them are no longer virgins and by 18 years old many have 8-10 body count. Now they’re just another feminist hoe – expendable on the market.

This problem is largely due to the rise of single-mother households and the disenfranchisement of fathers to have little authority in raising their children, even when still living in their home. The father merely lives at the discretion of the children’s mother under feminist law, eliminating his authority.

Modern feminist culture contaminates even virgins.

Virgins today can go from 0 to 304 faster than at any point in human history

(304 is internet speak for ‘hoe’, ie whore, to avoid censorship – it’s upside down calculator writing, like the old 8008 for ‘boob’ that you used to use as a kid)

The Problem with Girls in Education

The education system is extremely feminist and left-wing.

From early school years upwards the majority of teachers are women who have been raised as feminists.

This means that each new generation is indoctrinated into both feminism and socialism, since feminism cannot survive without socialism even by the admission of feminists themselves.

It takes men years, sometimes decades to undo this feminist-socialist social conditioning and realize it’s unrealistic and damaging to society. This realization based on evidence is often called Red Pill awakening.

The problem with women is more severe though because they don’t want to face the truth because it’s usually too late for them personally. They’ve whored around and lowered their value for many years from the ages of 15 – 17 onwards when they were in school. This is an irreversible loss of value for them so they have a strong incentive to fight the truth to the bitter end.

Where do most girls lose their virginity? In school.

Where do most girls begin to sleep around? In school.

Where do most girls meet friends who’ll mislead them? In school.

Where do most girls learn to be feminists? In school.

Where do most girls learn their bad behavior or attitude? In school.

Where do most girls begin to think they’re equal to boys? In school.

Where do most girls begin to get over exposed to life? In school.

Not only does this explain why a woman’s promiscuous phase starts from school, but it also explains why most modern educated women are disrespectful, arrogant, rebellious, promiscuous, and damaged.

Education has caused more harm to women than good in our modern society. There is no point being more educated and less virtuous, as most men prefer chastity and morals over education.

Unless there is patriarchy and/or home schooling, the new generation has little hope of not turning out as bad or worse than the current generations.

The Implications

Men cheat on them?

Why not they think, the women have already done it themselves. There’s nothing special about them.

Women come pre-cheated on their men by getting theirs in first because they get their opportunities in life first. Then later they insist on monogamy from their man when he comes into his prime. Instinctively men realize this isn’t fair and the pair bond is not as strong as it would have been if she was a virgin for him.

And that’s before people even learnt about Microchimerism – DNA contamination in women from men who’ve previously fucked them. And don’t even get us started on single mothers.

It’s not like the men are losing some precious virgin wife that is hard to replace. Every other girl out there is similar, there are plenty of good-looking hoes out there… and every year new ones are turning 18 and undercutting them by both age and lower mileage.

Historically a sexually exclusive woman who bore him many children deserved a man’s loyalty. Today most wives can claim neither, and should not be surprised when a man trades her in for a younger model.

So What To Do?

In the current dating market, there isn’t much you can do given you don’t have a time machine to go back and warn men not to give women the vote, which changed all the laws and culture over subsequent decades.

If you have daughters, you can try your best to explain the huge advantage of waiting for marriage or serious commitment from the single best man of their choice, although in the age of Tik Tok this may fall on deaf ears as their peers have many multiple times more hours of influence than you do.

Passport Bros

The shortage of good quality traditional women has caused the rise of Passport Bros – men who go abroad to countries that are further behind the curve of feminist decline to find better women.

Of course, you can never bring those foreign women back to the West, as they will get FOMO from their peers and can leverage the feminist laws against you via divorce or child support.

Beware though, you also cannot marry women even abroad because as soon as you do they can get on a plane, fly to the West and weaponize western feminist divorce laws against you internationally. 6 7 8 9 10

Even foreign women are not that traditional any more, as discussed in The Myth of Traditional Foreign Women. They may be less bad, but that’s only because they are further behind the curve of feminist decline.

Fixing the System – Law & Culture

Ultimately there is no good answer to fixing this in the West as long as toxic feminist women are able to vote and leverage the political, legal and financial systems against men and thereby continually control culture to corrupt the new generations of young women who would have had a fresh chance.

Women control the political outcomes as majority voters and as a result the laws (divorce laws being an obvious example), media, wealth transfers via the state, most consumer spending and corporations following consumer spending, and finally the culture.

This is why people cite #RepealThe19th online – meaning the 19th Amendment which granted women the right privilege to vote. Of course, such calls are often deplatformed from social media by the Tech Oligarchs once they start to get a noticeable number of followers because they don’t have a good counter-argument to the truth.


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In China, if you are a woman, single and over 30, you are called…but if you are a man, you’re called
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