Golden Rule – She Can’t Have Male Friends

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Golden Rule – She Can’t Have Male Friends

“Attention is the coin of the realm”Rollo Tomassi

Women who have male friends are walking Red Flags.

She knows she’s breaking the rules, that men and women can’t be friends, but she likes the extra attention and so pretends she doesn’t understand what the problem is, even when her boyfriend spells it out for her literally.

At that point, she is either dishonest or stupid. If the latter then she will probably get fucked by one of those guys eventually.

She’s making you pay full price, while she’s still wearing a “For Sale” sign.

Also, if she has mostly male friends, what does that say about her?

If she was a 300lbs ugly fatty, those guys wouldn’t be her friends. Various studies 1 2 have shown disproportionate one-way attraction from men towards women in supposedly platonic friendships and that they’d jump at the chance for sex.

Fresh&Fit have proven this live on their video podcast by getting various such girls to offer to hook up with their long-time only “friends” – the guy friends instantly accept of course, to the supposed shock of the girls.

Golden Rule – She Must Have No Male Friends

Her Guy Friend Types

Her guy friends usually fall in to one of a few categories:

  1. Beta Male Orbiters – friend-zoned inferior male weasels who are holding out for an opportunity to fuck her, such as on a rebound when she breaks up with her actual boyfriend, sometimes within a mere few hours, see this video for an example
  2. Guys who have already fucked her casually and she keeps them around in case she wants more sex or to get back at her boyfriend after an argument or temporary break-up – hence why on this blog the recommended best practice is DTB and Never Take Her Back
  3. Full-blown exes
  4. Backup Replacements for you – guys who she would’ve dated if she wasn’t in a relationship with you, so she keeps them in the queue so she has a fast warm start for when your relationship ends


Nearly Half of Women Have Backup Men

To say women are scheming hardly seems to cut it.


If she has guy friends, either she gets rid of all of them immediately, no excuses – otherwise she is not relationship material – and you need to Dump That Bitch.

Let that crappy feminist woman be somebody else’s problem, because it’ll only end badly for you in the long run anyway and you’re wasting precious time and resources on her.

Read the card:

No Exception for Gay Guy Friends – They May Not All Be Gay

How To Put It To Her Gently

Mention to her:

“I don’t normally date girls who have guy friends, it’s just not my thing, not my type of girl”

and see how she reacts.

If you want to try to convince her of the problem – ask her about her mother / grandmother. Did they have a bunch of guy friends hanging around them? What would her father / grandfather think about that?

She might realize that the successful relationships of her elder relatives were predicated on avoiding risky behaviour of associating with the opposite gender.

This used to be common sense and basic decency for most of history.


From Womanese:

Her: “I was out with A FRIEND”

Translation: She was out with another guy she doesn’t want you to know about.

The subtlety is she said “A FRIEND” instead of “MY FRIEND” or [NAME], which would mean one of her girl friends.

When Most of Her Friends Are Guys

al her friends are guys - lots of hot dogs in her mouth

There’s Nothing Wrong With Men Having Standards

Not having “guy friends” is one of men’s basic standards, similar to her not going out drinking around other men without you where drunken hookups can easily happen.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Men Having Standards

Fresh & Fit Live Call Outing “Friends” Who are really DTF

Girl Finds Out Her Best Friend Wants To Have Sex With Her 🤯🥺 #freshandfit #motivation #mindset

Either That Guy’s The Backup, Or You Are

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When Harry Met Sally

Apparently, people figured this out a long time ago but for some reason every recent generation of feminist hoes wants to pretend they don’t understand how this works.

When Harry Met Sally Men And Women Cannot Be Friends


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