“Idiocracy was supposed to be a parody, but ended up being a documentary”

Idiocracy is a 2006 cult sci-fi movie. It’s built on the widely observed premise of birth rate imbalances between smart and dumb people.

The movie starts by showing two stereotypical couples. The first is high IQ highly educated city professional couple who delaying having children. The second is the low IQ couple & their neighbours, who pop children out regularly.

Meanwhile, the military starts a cryogenics experiment. They select the most talentless man in the military, Joe Bowers, who is busy “guarding” the archives in the basement. He’s chosen for the experiment precisely because nobody would miss him if the experiment fails. He is soon forgotten about and wakes up 500 years in the future. To his surprise, he finds that he is the smartest man left alive.

Society is falling apart as nobody knows how anythings work any more, or has the IQ left to problem solve. So it’s up to him and his mediocre IQ to solve the world’s problems. Society has become an extreme americana of mega corporations controlling everything and advertising everywhere.

Joe is tasked by President Camacho to find out why all the crops dying. He discovers they’re being watered with a Gatorade-like sports drink called Brawndo instead of water. When asked why this is, everybody merely parrots the advertising that it has electrolytes. Although nobody knows what electrolytes are or what they do.

Idiocracy Trailer – Painfully True

IDIOCRACY Opening Scene (2006) Mike Judge
Idiocracy Opening Scene (2006) Mike Judge

Local Birth Rate Imbalances

If you’ve grown up in the West, depending on where you live, you may have noticed this yourself.

Smart successful people invariably have few children, usually 0-2. Meanwhile poor dumb unaccomplished people living in social housing off the welfare state often have many children, usually 3-5+.

The odd american christian bible traditional conservative with their own business may buck this trend. But not enough to make a difference in the grand scheme of things.

Typically smart people spend their 20s and 30s in education. and then building their careers. They delay settling down to have children late. By that time they usually only manage 1-2 kids before the woman becomes infertile. This is the trap of feminism, a blog post for another time.

Many people decide to intentionally limit their number of children citing cost of living, childcare costs, environmental or lifestyle reasons.

People in social housing in the US or council housing in the UK often have 5 kids. They often don’t work and life off state benefits at taxpayers expense. This pushes up the tax rates and further constricts the birth rates of the productive classes. They then limit their own birth rates citing cost as they juggle their currency inflated dwindling over-taxed personal budgets.

I personally know a lot of 6 figure earners, and most of them have only 1-2 kids. Many have no kids at all. They all pay high taxes rates. This contributes to Western birth rates being low at 1.x children per woman, below the 2.1 replenishment rate. Developed western countries are being replaced from “3rd world” less developed, less feminist countries.

“Low IQ breeding is being subsidised, high IQ breeding is being taxed”

– The Illimitable Man

International Birth Rate Imbalances

Meanwhile Africans have 5x the birth rates of Americans or Europeans.

Well-meaning folks like Prince Harry of England advertise limiting himself to 2 children on environmental grounds. His naivety is sad.

It’s not going to make any difference when a billion low IQ idiots aren’t limiting their breeding.

In fact it makes the situation worse. He has enough intelligence to think about this problem. But not enough intelligence to realize importance of birth rate ratios. He is in the category of the first of the archetype couples in Idiocracy.


Consider what happens within your own group in the following scenario. The smart people have 0-2 kids while the dumb people have 5 kids each. IQ is 75% heritable. Each successive generation becomes stupider than the one before. Now multiply that across several generations and you arrive at Idiocracy.

Contraception is arguably the worst thing ever invented. Because smart people use it and dumb people don’t. This leads to dysgenics – genetic decline in each generation.

In Douglas Murray’s bestselling book The Strange Death of Europe, he observes across Europe, despite culture or economics, the only people who have more than 2 children are “the very rich, the very poor, and recent immigrants”.

Contraception is also responsible for rampant female promiscuity, infidelity and Hoeflation. That would come to an end pretty quickly if all contraception suddenly disappeared. The effects of females easy promiscuity would be counter balanced by them bearing the burden of the resulting children.

Something not addressed in Idiocracy is that a lot of very attractive people also suffer lower birth rates. Those who can easily sleep around are incentivized to play the field too long. By the time they stop fucking around to have kids, they fall into the same 0-2 children trap.

You’ve likely seen blondes & brunettes who were once highly attractive hit the wall and age out without children. Candace Bushnell, author of the Sex & The City TV show, herself aged out without children. Sex column writer Jana Hocking is another canonical cautionary tale.

The Prophecy of the President Came 490 Years Too Early

In Idiocracy, President Camacho, is a black ex-pornstar with a bodybuilder physique. He fires his automatic assault rifle into the air to approving roar of cheering crowds as he enters political rallies.

He is the smartest man alive so the obvious choice for president.

Ironically, a mere decade later in 2016 americans elected Donald Trump. He’s literally a pornstar fucking conman-cum-business-tycoon. Never mind his suspect hair and funny mannerisms. He’s declared bankruptcy, had pending indictments, and literally said to “grab women by the pussy”.

You can’t make this shit up as the late OG Kevin Samuels would say.

I honestly thought Trump’s election campaign was sunk when that “grab them by the pussy” recording was leaked.

I literally said, “Well, there goes the women’s vote. No way he can win now…”.

Yet win he did, defying the pundits, and me.

Trump’s campaign came down to a couple of simple points:

  1. Stop illegal mass immigration from Mexico and South America by building a wall along the Mexican border.
  2. Stick it to the elites, even though he’s a billionaire. Go figure.

And if people thought Trump was bad…

Too senile to stand trial but fine as commander-in-chief of the most powerful nuclear superpower in the world.

This is the result of universal suffrage.


That same year in 2016 the UK the Brexit referendum shocked the world and defied the polls.

The population voted to leave the EU – the largest free trade block in the world. This was widely considered to be an economically unwise decision. The referendum was only given to silence euro-skeptics because nobody thought there was any chance they’d lose the referendum.

The implications were negative for both UK exports and financial services. Nearly half of UK exports went to the EU. Financial services was one of the UK’s last remaining economic bastions. The UK economy never recovered from Brexit, but this was masked by the subsequent Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns.

The elites had underestimated the simmering resentment of mass immigration into the US and UK.

Soaring housing costs, falling quality of life, and noticeable demographic replacement of areas had pushed English people to rebel.

Unfortunately, while Brexit reduced immigration from Eastern Europe, it failed to stop immigration overall. Immigration increased from Africa and the Middle East, causing a disastrously expensive housing market, castrating the younger British generations. This further exacerbates the Idiocracy birth rate imbalances.

The Decline of the West

The decline of the West is happening before our eyes. Idiocracy, while eerily prophetic, was perhaps too optimistic giving us 500 years into the sci-fi future. Trump’s election to President of the US would have been inconceivable just one generation earlier. Our President Camacho arrived within 10 years of Idiocracy. The President came 490 years too early.

And in the few years since Trump, things have gotten noticeably worse.

Trump failed to build the wall or stop mass illegal immigration which is now out of control.

The rise of OnlyFans has turned more girls into amateur pornstars than teachers. Most of the rest of the girls addicted to social media attention and promiscuity.

Idiocracy has already happened to dogs:

That’s what feminists are busy trying to do to men – turn them from majestic wolves into handbag dogs to suit their gynocentric imperative and have everything their own way.


The decline of the West seems inevitable as worse people outbreed better people.

“Demographics is Destiny”

While the West certainly has many problems, what is often missed is the root cause of these problems.

Most of the the West’s problems can be traced back to one thing – Universal Suffrage.

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