The Green Line Test – Don’t Lean In

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith failing the Green Line Test


The Green Line Test – Don’t Lean In

The Green Line Test was invented by Rivelino on Twitter.

It’s used to analyze a couple’s body language in a picture to see which one is more keen and invested in the other. This gives a big clue as to the power dynamic in a relationship.

It has been used to predict and retrospectively confirm many celebrity breakups, as well as analyze the power dynamic of still together couples like Prince Harry & Megan Markle.

It is even used by mainstream media now.

The Green Line Test has also been called “Don’t Lean In”, because that’s the crux of one its findings.

Rivelino’s account is at the top of The Best Twitter Accounts to Follow article.

How It Works

In the picture of the couple you draw straight green lines of each one’s spinal / facial alignment to show who is leaning into or away from the other.

This indicates which one is subconsciously more eager or needy for the other one by gravitating towards them to bridge the distance.

The one who needs the other less is the one with the power in the relationship.

This seems almost too simple once you know it. Yet hindsight is easy. It took Rivelino to bring us his geometric epiphany and demonstrate it on a lot of celebrity couples’ pictures before it would become widely accepted.


The one leaning in is the needy one, lower value, and in the inferior emotional position in the relationship.

Learning away means that person is less interested in the other one.

If both people in the couple are leaning into each other, that’s a very good sign. That means they’re probably really in love.

Remember when Leonardo DiCaprio nearly stole Jeff Bezos new girlfriend just by existing? Well, the Green Line Test shows it in this single shot:

A perfect example, the disgraced “pickup artist” beta male Neil Strauss with his wife leaning away from him. Notice even her hand is pulling away from him. They are now divorced:

Even the strongest man in the world, a great physical alpha, is not immune. Regardless of physical strength, one can still be emotionally needy towards his relationship.

Groin Positioning

Cock Confidence vs Cock Shame

This one I didn’t expect. I used to work physical security when I was young and this was a standard posture for a security guy. Because it’s kind of a comfortable resting posture that also protects your nuts. Apparently, it’s not confident body posture to do “groin blocking“.

Perhaps that’s the point though. These guys shouldn’t feel defensive.

I’m not quite sold on this one with Leonardo DiCaprio above given how much prime action his cock gets. For reference, see the famous Leo’s Law meme of him trading in his girlfriends when they hit 25:

Leo's Law

The Claw

The claw is a domination move by the female.

If you let a woman dominate you, she will slowly start losing respect for you.

Tongue Out

If she sticks her tongue out, she’s a hoe. This one is pretty obvious. Could you imagine your demure low body count grandmother behaving like this…

I’m not sure how this differentiates her from the rest of the recent generations of modern hoes though… she also has tattoo red flags.

The Pussy Triangle

A legs open masculine stance of pussy facing the world implies a masculine style and promiscuity.

Advanced Examples – The Cautionary Tale – Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith

Mainstream Media

Even the press has started using the Green Line Test on celebrity couples and UK royals:

More Examples from Twitter

They are no longer together:

This girl rejected this guy on video and friend zoned him. The Green Line test keeps holding true. It was painful to watch the video with that poor beta male guy getting rejected:

One Way to Pass The Green Line Test

Rivelino on Twitter

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