The Paradox of Left-Wing Decline & Mega-Corporate Capitalism

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In this article we show how the paradox of left-wing voting has caused the decline of the West, and the rise of mega-corporate mutated capitalism.


The Paradox of Left-Wing Decline & Mega-Corporate Capitalism

People are confused about who to blame for Western decline – left-wing vs right-wing, socialism vs capitalism, something along the lines of:

“If only things were more left-wing socialist and they could control the mega-corporations then things would be fairer…”

They mistakenly think that one party is left-wing while the other party is right-wing.

They are all left-wing.

Big government – left-wing by definition – has enabled mega-corporations to dominate and out-compete their smaller rivals using laws, subsidies and tax breaks.

All while impoverishing the working classes with higher taxes.

It’s socialism for corporations & the rich, but brutal capitalism for smaller players. 1

Left-Wing vs Right-Wing – The Mirage Explained

First, let’s look at a simplified comparison of a few key points between left-wing vs right-wing:

Left-Wing vs Right-Wing Politics

Left-Wing PoliticsRight-Wing Politics
High TaxesLow Taxes
Big GovernmentSmall Government
Ever expanding bureaucracyLimited to national defense & civil infrastructure
Pro-Immigration (importing more of their own voters)Anti-Immigration (protects citizens wages & cost of living)

Both left-wing and “right-wing” parties today maintain similarly high taxation levels, a similarly large government, and similarly high levels of immigration.

Both parties are similarly left-wing now with only minor differences.

Futurama’s political satire is spot on here – current left-vs-right policies are so similar in maintaining the left-wing status quo that the candidates may as well be clones:

Presidential Debate

Why All Parties are Left-Wing Now

Women are majority voters due to higher male mortality rates, and women vote majority left-wing.

Universal suffrage shifted the entire political spectrum far to the left over time. 2

No party can win elections without pandering to the women’s vote.

This means that all parties must shift their policies leftwards to appease the left-wing coalition headed by women, but also including millions of immigrants and LGBTQ+, to have any chance of winning.

All parties that win elections are left-wing by historic standards.

Left-wing voting leads to a bigger more expensive state bureaucracy, bigger welfare state and higher general taxation on the working classes.

This has been happening for more decades than this but you get the idea. Trump used to be a Democrat in the 2000s. Weird, right?

Even Europe’s “far-right” is so left-wing it’s a joke. Before universal suffrage a woman like this would have been a low-class social pariah:

Big Government Enables Mega-Corporatism

Here we arrive at Big Government – which all parties, being shades of left-wing, maintain today.

Big government favors mega corporations via:

  1. Regulations:
    • complex regulations are bigger hurdles for smaller competitors
    • bigger companies can absorb the cost of regulations more easily due to economy of scale
    • this ‘regulatory capture’ stifles any budding competition
  2. Taxes – complex tax codes with buried tax breaks for big corporations & the rich – that benefit those with scale & wealth
  3. Patents – patents prevent other companies from making similar products for less cost, creating a moat around their business and allowing companies like Apple to jack up prices for record profits
  4. Banking – large banks are “Too Big to Fail” and receive bailouts at the taxpayers’ expense, while small banks are allowed to go bankrupt to get bought out by bigger players for a bargain price
  5. Subsidies aka Corporate Welfare – eg. Walmart, McDonalds, Amazon, Tesla and other large corporations are subsidized by US government invarious ways. Tax subsidies on warehouses or electric cars, to welfare benefits for low-paid workers. This gives big corporations a competitive advantage in labor & other costs compared to smaller companies, but at the taxpayer’s expense 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Big government creates the rules of the economic game. It’s a big target for corporations to manipulate via lobbying into changing the laws, policies and taxes in their favor.

Corporations spend millions lobbying politicians in government. Campaign contributions come with strings. Promises of later bills they want passed to change the game in their favor.

These factors creates a convergence towards ever larger mega-corporations while hurting small to medium sized businesses who cannot benefit from the tax advantages or subsidies and therefore cannot compete.

Many giant corporations, like Facebook, and billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, have paid less tax in a year than the average middle class worker – even when they were already billionaires. 12 13 14

Even in years when billionaires do pay tax, it’s at a rate that’s a tiny percentage compared to the rates the working classes pay. 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

Capitalism is based on free market competition bringing prices down. But there is no free market when the government is setting these lopsided rules.

The Myth of Capitalism by Jonathan Tepper

The High Tax Burden Falls on You

Corporate tax dodging enabled by big government leaves the high tax burden on your shoulders.

Big left-wing government is expensive to maintain, and the high taxation of average workers constricts both their quality of life and number of children.

Government GDP overhead rose from 3% to around 30-40% of GDP during the 20th century as a result of universal suffrage.

Left-wing government increased taxes to steal wealth from mostly men and redistribute it to mostly women via the welfare state. 25

Women subsequently became 80% of consumer spending, despite women not earning even 50% of the money. See The Gender Pay Gap Scam.

What happens when people who don’t pay income tax are allowed to vote for “free money and services”:

The Pareto Investor - By the time I am 67, over $600,000 will be paid into Social Security on my behalf. That money would have been worth $1.9M if I had gotten a 5% return. My annual interest would be $95k. The Government promises me $3,075/month at 67, which is $37K/year. How is this not THEFT?

Women are now the prioritized class for both government majority votes, and corporate profits.

Needless to say, this skews all gendered issues from politics to advertising to mainstream media.

The Problem with Trying to Tax the Rich

Rich people are highly mobile internationally.

When you try to tax them heavily as many people want to, they can just relocate to another country which has lower taxes. This would leave even more of the tax burden to fall on the middle classes.

It’s not surprising that the middle classes have been devastated by a combination of high taxation, immigration and offshoring of jobs.

You would need to tax assets, not income, because income is paid in the country in which you live.

Assets can be taxed where they exist eg. real estate or corporate assets.

Corporate profits are harder to capture because companies recharge patents and trademark usage to their subsidiaries in countries like Ireland which have lower corporation tax rates.

Capital flight is likely to happen when trying to tax the rich, impacting local investment markets and potentially leading to even less taxes collected over time as the rich choose to emigrate and pay taxes to cheaper foreign countries instead.


The scale of problem is too large to solve on a policy-by-policy basis.

The solution would need to be more fundamentally systemic.

Currently, politicians are heavily dependent on campaign contributions to persuade lowest common denominator voters from the non-productive classes, and to bribe such voters with a larger welfare state, leading to the big government problem.

“Decoupling voting from taxpaying is unsustainable by any society”

Imran Khan, The Misandry Bubble 26

Changing voting eligibility to exclude non-contributing voters would reduce the size and power of the government over economic manipulation and subsidies.

This would cascade through all government policies leading to lower taxes, smaller government and less special privileges for mega corporations. With only the economically contributing classes forming the voter base it would harder for government lobbying to enact policies benefitting mega-corporations.

It would also incidentally fix those feminist divorce laws that are killing western birth rates, but that’s a blog post for another time.

Possible solutions to fixing voting eligibility:

  • revoke women’s voting
  • revoke immigrant voting
  • revoke votes for anyone who is not an average+ net tax contributor (TaxPayer Suffrage)
  • revoke voting for anyone currently claiming welfare
  • revoke voting for anyone who has ever claimed divorce money (net parasites)

Four out of five of these would result in less women being eligible to vote as each woman today is on average a $150,000 net loss to the state over her lifetime. And that doesn’t even include often higher subsidies by force of feminist divorce laws.

“Among civilized peoples, especially the very wealthy population of the United States of America, women have become objects of luxury who consume but do not produce.”

Vilfredo Pareto, 1927
Research finds that as a group, only men pay tax. Each woman is a $150,000 net loss to the state at the expense of higher taxation on men

Research finds that as a group, only men pay tax

Everything in Western society is designed to Transfer Wealth from Men to Women to support Corporate Consumerism

This is the result of universal suffrage.

Everything in western society is designed to transfer wealth from men to women, divorce, government, dating, alimony, child support


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