University Has Become A Self-Serving Business Model

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University Has Become A Self-Serving Business Model

“Never let your schooling get in the way of your education” – Mark Twain

University has become a self-serving business model at the expense of students’ futures.

Student debt has skyrocketed in recent decades, leaving young people in debt for years, even decades.

There is often no return on investment for going to university today, as you’ll see further down.

Unless you’re doing a degree that directly maps to a highly paid job, you should probably not be going to university.

Get a practical job and work your way up. You’ll earn money, gain skills and experience, and avoid debt.

You’ll learn more outside university regardless. Read books, learn about money, economics, dating, human nature and general life – things that’ll massively affect your life.

How University Became A Self-Serving Business Model

In my parents’ generation, 5% of adults went to university.

Today, in my territory, around 50% of adults go to university.

And 50% of adults are not intelligent, by definition.

How can universities have expanded to take 50% of adults? By lowering standards in exchange for charging ever higher fees to ever more people.

The value of degrees has gone down while universities have simultaneously increased their fees.

When the UK government scrapped free tuition and replaced it with student loans, universities profiteered by tripling their tuition fees forcing students to take on large debts.

In the US the situation is even worse, with even higher fees, leaving people struggling to repay those loans for decades. 1 2

Foreign students in the UK are often charged double to triple the already elevated tuition fees by universities. 3 4 5

An 18 year old who does not understand the full economic implications can sign up for a huge loan to cover overpriced fees and living costs – which cannot be discharged through declaring bankruptcy. This debt will form a financial noose around their neck for decades to come. This is highly unscrupulous behavior by universities.

University has become a self-serving business model, not a public service for the betterment of mankind as it should have been.

Government subsidization of universities combined with availability of student loans enabled universities to increase their fees at a rate that greatly outstripped inflation. Aside from higher profits, they hired more administrative staff, many of whom serve no function other than to politicize the university for feminist agendas and suppress free speech. Which is literally the opposite of critical thinking and open debate that students should be learning.

Corrupt universities are happy to sell bullshit courses and degrees with little to no ROI to naive students in exchange for high tuition fees – putting profit above morality.

University has become one of the most corrupt industries in the world.

Academia Is Old & Often Industrially Obsolete

At the speed the world and industries are currently changing, academia cannot keep up their syllabus updated fast enough. They are dinosaurs.

Online courses called MOOCS are released and updated faster than university courses.

Many universities actually release online courses via Coursera and edX, but even these have limited value.

Advancing technology makes many skillsets obsolete within a few years.

If you’re doing a 3-4 degree, the world can have changed between the time you started and finished the degree!

In an age where you can Google just about anything in a few minutes, it’s a waste of time trying to front-load and cram old knowledge into your brain for years. It simply doesn’t make sense outside of a few key professions where such degrees are prerequisites to entry – like Medicine or Law.

This is even more concerning now we’re entering the world of AI. People are spending 5 years getting into a field such as screenwriting only to find AI disrupting it and laying them off.

And that’s before we even get to the fact that many college degrees were already useless.

Employers want useful skills, not just credentials.

Even in the 2000s when nobody was worried about AI taking their jobs, many people with degrees were working in minimum wage retail jobs because their degrees did not map to career paths with useful skills, yet they were saddled with student debts that exceeded their entire yearly pre-tax income, up to $200,000 in debt while they struggle to get jobs paying even $50,000 before tax.

ROI – Return on Investment

As university degrees have gotten more expensive, the salaries commanded by graduates have remained flat or even fallen.

The financial return of many university degrees no longer justifies their cost, and this is true not just of Bachelor’s Degrees, but even of many MBA and JD degrees from any school ranked outside the most elite universities which are incredibly difficult to get in to have often have only around a 5% acceptance rate.

The internet has eroded the value of knowledge as it can be accessed on demand without wasting years of your life trying to learnt it all up front, which is both an impossible fool’s errand, and a very expensive one at that.

What’s the point of a degree that has no economic return on investment?

What University Used To Be Good For Beyond Just Knowledge

When 5% of people went to university, it was useful as a proxy for intelligence and natural white-collar academic ability.

By lowering the bar to let 50% of people go to university, academia has eroded the differentiation factor that one was of the primary advantages of having a degree.

The IQ of undergraduate studies used to be 115-130, far higher than average. Today it is a mere 102. Students are no longer extraordinary but merely average. 6

Getting a degree is expensive and time-consuming.

What the most elite universities are really signalling is that their graduates were in the top few percent of people before they ever taught them anything. Companies may as well have just given the kids an IQ test and put the brightest of them into work training, skipping the years of wasted time and hundreds of thousands of dollars that the top US universities charge.

But at least those people who graduate from elite universities will be first in line for the highest paying jobs due to the prestige of their education and pre-selection of their high intelligence and work ethic required to compete at the very highest level of academia. Even if the universities themselves taught them little of value in terms of jobs, it’s the pre-selection of being elite human beings that opens doors to greater job opportunities to them.

For most people who cannot get in to an elite university, the situation is far more dire.

Employers can no longer rely on applicants with university degrees to be more capable or smarter than those without degrees.

Too many people I’ve known are not even working in their degree fields these days, and many others ended up in entry-level jobs such as in retail, for which they didn’t need a degree for in the first place!

The other thing that university used to be good for was showing that you could learn.

Today the superstar employee is the one who can learn on the job and has a can-do attitude. It’s not the one with an obsolete bachelors degree.

Should You Still Go To University?

Unless you are doing a very difficult degree that maps to a highly paid job, you should probably not be going to university.

Ideally, the degree should map to a job, such as many STEM degrees.

Law and Medicine are obvious fields for which you still need a degree.

Too many people default to going to university based on decades old parental advice because they don’t know what else to do with their lives, and just end up digging themselves into mountains of debt that they then have to spend many years paying off, making it difficult for them to start their real life, family and become successful.

Unless your university degree is highly likely to significantly raise your income, such as becoming a doctor or lawyer, you should not be doing it.

If you still really want a degree just to have one, see if you can do one part-time online to minimize cost while you’re also working. You can then optionally use that Bachelors degree to do a one year Masters degree at a red brick university, saving yourself 3 years out of the workforce and a lot of money. Online digital degrees may be the best trade-off.

The College Experience

Some people want to go to college for “the college experience”.

There are easier and cheaper ways to party and socialize that don’t require you wasting lots of time on academics, not making money and digging yourself into crippling levels of debt.

For more on this read to the end of this article.

MOOCs – Online Courses

Today it’s more ideal in most cases to simply do courses targeted to specific jobs with useful skills for which there is a market demand that will pay you.

Some of these count towards degrees, many don’t. But it’s irrelevant in a world where employers are switching from requesting degrees to requesting practical skills to help them make money by running their businesses. Money talks and bullshit walks, as they say.

Most teachers today are just overpriced childcare.

The rise of online courses means that a few dozen elite teachers who are masters in their fields can create online courses to be consumed by millions of people.

Homework exercises are provided and are automatically graded by computers or other students.

Forums attached to each course staffed by a few teaching assistants can assist for those random questions, as well as helped by other students on the forum. This is even more powerful than classroom assistance due to network effect and that you can receive unlimited amounts of non-time-constrained help.

Millions of mediocre teachers are hardly needed any more and don’t provide much return on investment for their salaries either. You don’t need to dig yourself into a lifetime of debt to pay their salaries when you can get more and better training online for little to no cost by comparison.

Beware Women’s Undisclosed Student Debts

Women are now around 2/3 of university students, often in more useless degrees.

Many women go to university just to artificially raise their social status because they think men want “an educated woman”, when in reality they want a traditional woman – a virgin who is loyal and produces children is still a far better woman in many men’s eyes.

Worse yet, women carrying large student debts often don’t disclose them initially until the man is in too deep in committed a relationship to easily back out, or after they’ve already married them.

This also applies to other debts, such as $30,000 in credit card debts etc.

This is a well known trap laid by women. Don’t be that sucker.

You can see this with your own eyes on the Love is Blind reality TV show season 1 where Matthew Barnett sold his house to pay off his new wife’s student debts – and after accruing those debts she only had a crappy bartending job, going back to the lack of ROI above. You might think this simp was 10-15 years ago before red pill knowledge was mainstream, but this was 2020!

Some even go so far as to get them to co-sign the debts, not realizing the loan companies will come after the ex-husband for the co-signed loan even after the divorce. One of the callers into the Tom Leykis show describes exactly this happening to him.

Do not marry her and do not pay her debts of any kind – she ran up those debts fucking other men at colleges, on holidays, on cars she had no business buying, on going out, shoes, clothes & make-up to entice other men etc. It is retro-financial-cuckoldry to pay her debts.

Marrying Into Debt
Marrying Into Debt – Tom Leykis
Do Not Pay Their Debts
Do Not Pay Their Debts – Tom Leykis

Why Educating Women is Less Valuable Than Educating Men

Even when women do a degree that is worthwhile, just a few years into their careers they’re around 30 and need to switch to having children while they still can.

At that point, they often either want to stop working, or drop to part-time, making the years of education a waste of time in terms of women’s lower productivity compared to men.

Even when she says she’ll carry on working full-time after kids, don’t fall for it. She will likely reduce work and earnings once she realizes babies need a lot of attention.

It’s actually better to educate men than women, they work longer hours and for more years.

Why Men Are Avoiding Universities – Feminism & Title IX Risks of False Allegations with No Due Process Protections

Men are losing interest in university due to the extreme left-wing feminist culture and Title IX risks of false allegations with no due process protections.

These can result in any man being expelled without evidence at any time, leaving a permanent stain on his reputation and preventing him from getting future jobs.

Outside universities, “due process” protections exist in criminal law to minimize the number of innocent people convicted and having their lives wrongly destroyed.

Universities have bypassed this standard protection layer to apply to a lesser standard of whether they think there is a chance you could have done something wrong with a girl who wakes up with regret the next day after a consensual drunken hook up.

Helen Smith’s book Men On Strike has more on this and is highly recommended.

The Low Standards of Universities under the Feminist Push for Equality

Female majority enrollment doesn’t mean anything when there is no minimum standard, or accounting for bullshit degrees.

In fact, it’s likely the push for female enrollment that has destroyed the value of university in many cases.

See this video clip example below. Not one of these people should be allowed to vote, never mind attend university.

University Students Cannot Multiply 15 by 4

Academia has become a Left-Wing Indoctrination Camp

Men are also sick of the far left-wing takeover of discourse at universities.

It churns out cancel-culture type people who are fragile and unable to deal with debating conflicting views or learning the hard truths about life.

They try to get relatively mild traditional conservative people like Jordan Peterson cancelled, when in reality he doesn’t even scratch the surface of the current problems that young men face today in the dating market.

This meme is a stereotype for a reason:

They don’t even teach them proper critical thinking or economics because it’s well known that many people leave academia with socialist leanings.

“If socialists understood economics they wouldn’t be socialists”

Friedrich Hayek

The Problem with the Education Curriculum

Women teachers so stupid they don’t even believe in objective truth – “My truth” NPCs.

How can they teach critical thinking to the next generation when they don’t know it themselves:

Pearl was right about women teachers being a problem. It’s a problem all the way from kindergarten up to university.

Ignore the hair, listen to the lyrics about how useless the modern education system is:

Don't Stay in School
Don’t Stay in School

Even when they do actually educate you, they do it in areas you’ll never use:

If printing money would end poverty, printing diplomas would end stupidity

Career Advice
Philosophy degree vs apprenticeship

The Silver Lining – College Girls Are Hoes

You can attend college parties to hook up without attending college courses for extortionate money.

Work on your finances, training and jobs that pay, see the Career Advice article – don’t dig yourself into a life of debt for hoes.

You could have banged hundreds, if not thousands, of hookers and porn stars for what college debt will cost you today.

Be honest, do you really care about academia or do you really care about making money and getting laid?

Dating Red Flag – College Girls Were Hoes

The most important lesson is that when you meet girls who have been to college, you can pretty much guarantee they were whores for a whole bunch of different guys, probably did threesomes / gangbangs and you must not under any circumstances give them any commitment at all.

She might use the old “I had a boyfriend” trick to imply that she wasn’t fucking around, but we know these days that having a boyfriend or husband is no guarantee of that since female infidelity is widespread these days. Check the Body Count article for more on this.

You have no realistic chance of getting a high-value girl once she’s been to college.

See The Myth of the High-Value Woman:

Men prefere debt-free virgins without tattoos
This Is How College Screws Women's Mentality In Relationships!
This is How College Screws Women’s Mentality in Relationships! – Whatever Clips

Notice the College sign in the meme below:

How College Broke the Labor Market


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