Misogyny Debunked – Why You’re Not a Misogynist



You are most likely not a misogynist.

Yet calling men “misogynists” is the default Pavlovian dog reflex of the indoctrinated feminist.

Despite the constant slander of feminists calling men “misogynists” for any valid criticism of feminism or bad women, this is simple to debunk.

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Defining Misogyny

Misogyny is hatred of all women based on only their gender.

“The word ‘misogynist’ has expanded to such an extreme that it is the Pavlovian response to anything a ‘feminist’ feels bad about, but cannot articulate in an adult-like manner.”

Imran Khan, The Misandry Bubble 1

Men Don’t Hate Women, They Hate Feminists

How many men do you know who hate traditional women?

How many men do you know who hate their grandmothers or their daughters?

Passport Bros are literally flying across the world to find wives and girlfriends. If they hated women, they’d save their money and stay home. They’re flying because they are fed up with western feminists – not all women globally.

So clearly most men do not hate all women. They hate feminists.

Not All Women Are Feminists

NAWALT – Not All Women Are Like That.

Women abroad are considered to be less feminist and more traditional. That is why there is a sufficent premium on them that “Passport Bros” men will incur the trouble and expense to relocate to other countries in search of those women.

Even knowing that foreign women are still likely to be slightly infected with feminism in a globalized world, as per The Myth of Traditional Foreign Women, many men still feel that the upgrade over western women is worth the trouble.

Most men are actually desperate to find good quality women that they could cherish as their grandfathers did for their grandmothers.

Unfortunately the West has suffered from a phenomenon called Hoeflation which states that “men have to work 5x harder than their grandfathers did, for women that are 20x worse than what their grandmothers were”.

Men are also desperate to find legitimate female role models. Have you ever seen a man react to working with an excellent woman who doesn’t bring up feminism? They can’t sing her praises enough. They act similarly to when they’re impressed with a top guy. Because excellent people are rare and valuable, regardless of their gender.

People want to believe in role models from under-performing groups, it gives them hope. It’s why Thomas Sowell is so popular.

Generalizing is Not Misogyny

Generalizing is not “misogyny”. It is shorthand pattern recognition.

AI does the same thing. That’s why it’s often been criticized as having bias. It follows the majority case it sees in the real world data. That’s because the algorithm wants to be right most of the time. Engineers have to heavily tune and manipulate the AI to follow the political agenda, and be more sensitive to exceptions to the general pattern.

The Gender Pay Gap is Not Caused By Misogyny

The Gender Pay Gap is not caused by “misogyny”, but rather by women’s choices to work different jobs.

For more details see this article:

Biology is Sexist – Pointing out Differences in Capabilities is Not Misogyny

It is not “misogyny” to point out obvious differences between men and women’s physical capabilities or mental predispositions for different activities.

Men don’t start crying ‘misandry’ or ‘racism’ when they’re told they’re not as powerful as the heavyweight champion of the world. Because we can see it’s true with our own two eyes. And if any man is stupid enough to think otherwise he can step into a gym and find out in 5 minutes from some no-name gym bro that even between men there is a huge level difference in physicality.

This is something every feminist (and male feminist weasel) should experience to humble them back in line like the rest of us. If you want to know why martial artists are often the most humble guys, this is why. Because they got humbled the hard way for many years.

Even the women’s olympic soccer team got thrashed by 15 year old boys. 2 3 4 5 6 Embarrassing, yes – misogyny, no. Women have other advantages over boys. Just like men who cannot physically compete with the heavyweight champion will often have often have other talents he doesn’t have. Nobody gets everything.

We all have to learn to curb our jealousy and focus on our personal strengths, regardless of our gender.

Ageist – Not Misogynist

Another citation of “misogyny” is older men prefering to date younger women.

If this were “misogyny” – men would be equally averse to dating younger women as they are older women.

They are ageist, not misogynist, and this has a practical basis in evolutionary biology due to reproduction.

Younger women are more likely to be fertile. Men who naturally selected younger women were more likely to leave more healthy children and thus were selected for generation after generation through evolution.

For more details why old women, especially feminists, are low value, see the article There’s Nothing Worse Than Old Feminists.

Fatist – Not Misogynist

Men are generally opposed to fat women because they are less healthy, it usually correlates with lower socioeconomic status, and they cannot easily determine if she has a good hip-to-waist ratio for childbirth.

It is an evolutionary adaptation for men to be fatist and prefer a clear hip-to-waist ratio for healthy childbearing.

This is why it’s such a widespread instinctual response in men, that persists despite feminists’ best efforts at socially conditioning men via dishonest “body positivity” campaigns.

Notice the unnatural feminist-tell hair color and emo dress code red flags on this fatty below. Men are not repulsed by this woman due to “misogyny” because she’s a woman – they’re repulsed because she’s a fat ugly feminist.

We are the great granddaughters of the witches you couldn't burn

Disliking a fat feminist is natural, based on evolutionary biology and reproduction. It is not misogyny and does not make you a misogynist

Valid Criticisms of Women or Feminists Come From Experience

Many men who are red pilled today, are only so because of real world experiences that contradicted the Disney and mainstream media narrative we are fed growing up. The so-called blue pill narrative.

Whether it’s divorce or being cheated on, or seeing such things happen to one’s father, brother, uncle, son, nephew, or friend – everybody seems to have a story about how terrible modern western women have behaved. But they’re not really complaining about women as a gender. More accurately, they’re really complaining about feminists.

Feminists love to spin a false narrative though. Sometimes it seems like social warfare is all feminists do. They are quick to hurl “incel” slurs against anyone criticising the status quo of feminism and observed bad behaviors.

“Contrary to popular belief, it is the sexually busy chads, not the sexually desperate and frustrated incels, who have the most misogynistic worldview.”

Rolf Degen, tweeting about this study 7


There are a lot of things that could be misconstrued as “misogynist” if you have been trained to see the world through the feminist lens.

It is better to give people the benefit of the doubt and play to your own personal strengths.

If you still doubt it, please watch the video below by Aly Dee – she describes it from a woman’s perspective, and hopefully, she being a woman, is not a “misogynist” against herself!


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