Men are Not ‘Phobic’ of Gay / Trans – They are Disgusted

Straight men's physiological stress response to seeing two men kissing is the same as seeing maggots

Men are Not ‘Phobic’ of Gay / Trans – They are Disgusted

Using the suffix ‘phobic’ to mean ‘aversion’ to gay or trans people while retaining its original implication of ‘fear’ is an insult to normal people.

Words like ‘homophobic’ or ‘transphobic’ are double layer insults to imply not just intolerance, but also fear. Every usage of those words additionally insults normal people by implying they’re somehow scared of them, rather than merely disgusted by them.

Many normal men would easily fight and even kill gay or trans people. This is the basis for their legally protected status from persecution.

Normal men are not ‘scared’ of them at all. They are disgusted.

Don’t Blame People For Things They Did Not Choose

A core rule of decency is not blaming people for things which they did not choose.

For example, you don’t blame somebody for having one skin color or another.

You don’t blame a person for being born disabled. It’s tragic, but it’s not their fault, they didn’t choose it.

Yet that is exactly what the LGBTQ+ community and their allies do to normal heterosexual people on a daily basis by insisting that we accept them overtly, in spite of our visceral disgust for them flaunting their sexual orientation publicly.

Men have a natural instinctual revulsion to homosexuality and especially transexuals. It turns our stomachs.

This is not some choice that we make, as a study has shown that normal men’s physiological stress response to seeing two men kissing is the same as seeing maggots. 1

It is involuntary disgust.

The Hero’s Journey

I’m not calling for the persecution of such people, quite the opposite. Some of my favorite intellectuals include Alan Turing (who cracked the Nazi enigma code) and Yuval Noah Harari, all three of whose books are listed on this site in the Top Books Lists.

We look for reasons to allow people to succeed from all walks of life, because it inspires us.

Everybody loves an underdog who succeeds despite their flaws. This is the core premise of the extremely popular fictional boxing saga Rocky. That’s why it’s been so well received for decades and still considered among the top movies even nearly 50 years later. It’s not just about boxing, it’s about overcoming adversity and beating the odds. This is the classic Hero’s Journey in boxing form, admired by people who know little about boxing.

If anything, we admire people even more if they were able to beat the odds despite their unfortunate circumstances which they did not choose. The bestselling author Harari, who happens to be gay, the great African American intellectual Thomas Sowell, the adopted orphan who became a world champion fighter, or the rapper who made it from the streets of the Bronx to musical superstardom. They are different sides of the same coin of human excellence.

Their achievements are all the more impressive precisely because it was harder for them to do that the average guy – they’re that good. None of them are dumb, regardless of whether you are educated enough in their field to appreciate their skill.

Why Do Some Men Like to See 2 Women Kissing?

I personally don’t see the attraction to 2 women kissing at all.

One can only guess that men don’t object because in their minds they could join in and have both women, who have already exhibited significant sexuality.

Perhaps men infer lesbian women to really be bisexual and therefore available to them.

What We Choose

Most normal people show great tolerance of LGBTQ+ people on a day-to-day basis. That is our choice to try to be nice people and not blame those who didn’t choose their circumstances.

LGBTQ+ people and their allies can choose to:

  1. Stop insulting normal people using words suffixed with ‘phobic’
  2. Stop insulting normal people by calling them ‘cis’ / ‘cisgender’
  3. Dress modestly in public
  4. Avoid any public displays of affection
    • it’s cringe even for normal heterosexual couples to show public displays of affection
    • even teenagers tell their parents to keep it to themselves in their own bedroom. Comedies such as the Inbetweeners show this common reaction – it’s funny because it’s true
  5. Focus on achievements that benefit our society
  6. Do not bring up your LGBTQ+ status, we’re not interested

This is not a lot to ask in exchange for our tolerance, and it lowers the barrier to be tolerated by more people, by not putting it in their face. This is in everybody’s best interest.

The alternative is that normal people become ever more irate at constantly having this shoved down their throats by mainstream media.

The other major issue with LGBTQ+ overtness is that this topic’s existence in the public realm steals oxygen from critical societal issues causing Western decline, as described in the article How LGBTQ+ is Contributing to Western Decline.


If any gay or other LGBTQ+ category wants to be accepted, they need to be more modest in their extraversion – to be polite to normal heterosexual people.

Their status should not be obvious unless one cares enough to explicitly ask, which we do not.

In short, keep it to yourselves and we’ll get along great.

And stop insulting us with the suffix ‘phobic’ unless you are intending to challenge us to a fight.


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