The Best Men’s Blogs on the Internet

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The Best Men’s Blogs on the Internet

The best men’s blogs on the internet are those with the most bang for your buck on the topics you really care about – women, money, dating, health & lifestyle.

The Manosphere of Blogs

The Manosphere is a collection of blogs written by men, for men – a portmanteau of “man” and “blogosphere”.

These blogs contain both opinions and hard learnt truths from experienced men that are often suppressed by the Tech Oligarchs that control the mainstream media. You’ll learn things that feminists don’t want you to know, things that all men need to know, from dating to being a man living your life under feminism.

It is kind of like the wild west though, so I’ve curated the sure bets below to save you time.

Special Blog Posts

First a shout out to special blog posts that deserve priority attention.

‘The Misandry Bubble’ is a famous and well thought out blog post from 2010 with over a million views and several citations by the New York Times. It’s long but well worth it as an amazing read full of insights into modern life and feminism:

And its 2020 follow up:

The famous New Zealand study that found out that each woman is a $150,000 net loss to the state:

Best Men’s Blogs

The best men’s blogs on the internet are:

Why Most Didn’t Make The Cut

I’m intentionally leaving out things like GQ and “Top 100 of blah” that clutter Google search results because they’re full of filler and who has time for that in a TL;DR world?

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